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DP Flow
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DP FLOW measurement for the oil and gas industry

The Oil and Gas Industry demands the highest standards to cope with an extremely wide range of process requirements in very harsh environments. Solartron ISA has experience developed over 40 years in the design and manufacture of DP FLOW devices. Facilities are tailored to meet the highest standards required in oil and gas production.

• Wide range of specialist knowledge developed over 40 years
• Only the highest quality of raw materials used in production
• Fully traceable certification for test and inspection
• Extensive documentation packages
• Highly professional project management
Fast track delivery to meet production requirements

Solartron ISA's range of Differential Pressure Primary Flow elements are manufactured according to EN ISO 5167 and AGA 3 (American Gas Association).

All Solartron ISA flow measurement devices comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and carry the CE mark. 

Click here to view our complete DP Flow Measurement and Restriction Brochure.

Orifice Plate Photo TNOrifice Plates
Orifice Plates from Solartron ISA are the most commonly used differential pressure primary flow measurement devices, being economical, simple and of sufficient accuracy for the majority of applications within industry.

Orifice Carriers Photo TNOrifice Carriers 
Solartron ISA orifice carriers are supplied for applications where existing pipework has no facilities for tappings, e.g. when flanges are not of sufficient thickness, on lined pipes, for use with composite flanges and where pipe tappings are not practical.

Orifice Flange Assemblies Photo TNOrifice Flange Assemblies
Orifice flange assemblies/orifice flange unions consist of pairs of flanges, the orifice plate, bolts, nuts, gaskets, jacking screws and plugs (where requested). Orifice flanges ensure best flow measurement accuracy within an economical solution.

                   RestricRestriction Orifice Plates PhotoTNtion Orifice Plates
Restriction Orifice Plates from Solartron ISA can be used to produce a specified reduction in line pressure or to create a critical flow, giving a controlled flow rate regardless of changes in downstream conditions. Expertise covers all aspects of design and manufacture associated with restriction of pressure for control purposes. 
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Classical Venturi Tubes Photo TNClassical (Herschel) Venturi Tubes
Classical Venturi Tubes are used on applications where a low permanent pressure loss is required, this being 5-20% of the measured differential. Classical Venturi Tubes can be used on clean and dirty fluids in line sizes from 25mm to 1800mm.

Venturi Nozzles Photo TNVenturi Nozzles 
Venturi Nozzles from Solartron ISA combine the best features of our Classical Venturi Tubes and flow nozzles in a single, cost effective unit. The Solartron ISA Venturi Flow Nozzles have relatively low permanent pressure loss (10-20% of differential) and are suitable for flow measurement of high velocity corrosive and abrasive fluids.

Flow Nozzles Photo TN
Flow Nozzles
Solartron ISA 1932 and ASME Flow Nozzles are reasonably accurate devices for measuring the flow of high velocity, non-viscous fluids e.g. Steam. Flow Nozzles are particularly suitable for errosive fluids where the sharp edge of an orifice plate could quickly deteriorate.

Dall Tubes Photo TNDall Tubes
Dall Tubes are less accurate than Venturi Tubes but give the lowest permanent pressure loss of all Solartron ISA's primary flow elements. Due to the configuration of the throat and tapping areas they are ideal for clean fluids and are not suited for fluids with suspended solids.

Flowstream Orifice Flanged Meter Runs PhotoOrifice Flanged Meter Runs
Solartron ISA meter runs are supplied as a complete unit to ensure the necessary straight pipe lengths are available for the highest possible accuracy. Meter runs can be supplied with temperature pockets if required.

Flowstream Wedge Meter Photo
Flowstream Wedge Meters
The wedge meter from Solartron ISA is a differential pressure device for use on all fluids especially slurries and liquids with suspended solids. Our wedge meter is particularly effective on viscous fluids.

Flowstream Averaging Ptot Tube PhotoAveraging Pitot Tubes
Averaging pitot tubes use multiple sensing ports to continually average the flow profile and generate a differential pressure that represents the mean flow rate across the pipeline. Averaging Pitot Tubes offer an accurate measurement and low permanent pressure loss, typically <10% of DP.

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